Niall Sohan

Raised in six countries. Ready to bring global perspectives to the table.



11 JUNE - 17 AUGUST, 2018 


BCG Digital Ventures (BCG DV) is a corporate investment and incubation firm. DV invents, builds, and invests in startups with the world’s most influential companies. DV shares risk and invests alongside its corporate and startup partners. Founded in 2014, DV has major Innovation and Investment Centres in Manhattan Beach, Berlin, London, Sydney, San Francisco, and New York, with a host of Labs across the globe. 

During his 10 weeks with BCG DV in Product Management, Niall worked on incubating an MVP- and alpha-phase venture in the healthcare space in conjunction with a major pharmaceutical company. This venture (codenamed 'Gaido') involved building a remote monitoring solution for oncology patients. 





26 JUNE - 15 SEPTEMBER, 2017 

Geeny is a Consumer IoT startup with heavy corporate backing from Telefónica Next in Berlin. During his 12 weeks with the company, Niall was part of the Outreach Team, working in Marketing, Business Development, and Communication. His job scope included the following:
  • Standing in for the Director of Marketing and Communications for 6 weeks
  • Designing and executing international marketing campaigns based on revised marketing plan and new original content 
  • Assisting with the reworking of the website and of the public face of the company 
  • Assisting with planning and promoting corporate appearances at international events in the US, Switzerland, Spain 
  • Planning and launching the first corporate Google AdWords campaign 





18 JULY - 26 AUGUST, 2016 


Commerzbank AG is a banking and financial services company based in Frankfurt am Main. It is Germany's fourth-largest bank by total assets. The internship at the International Counter in Berlin was conducted in a purely German-speaking work environment. Niall's job scope consisted of the following, across two departments: 

  • Opening and closing of private accounts for diplomats and military attachés
  • Customer advising and public relations
  • Courtesy calls and events at embassies and diplomatic missions
  • Frequent communication in multiple languages with clients


  • Ensuring transaction consistency in accounts of High Net Worth (HNW) clients
  • Ascertaining ownership shares through commercial client account tracing
  • Financial recommendations to HNW clients  
  • Apportioning of fortune inheritance from accounts as per deceased clients' wishes