Niall Sohan

Raised in six countries. Ready to bring global perspectives to the table.

Steinway & Sons (Singapore / Poland) 

Sing50 Concert in collaboration with Lang Lang 

Warsaw Stock Exchange Piano Recital (with Robert Latos

Steinway & Sons (Singapore) Brand Representative 


Rethinking and democratising music learning 


A human-computer interaction project (CS147, Stanford) 

Connecting people globally based on their dietary restrictions & preferences

The Tab (US)

Stanford Launch Manager / Marketer


Don Giovanni (Stanford)

Stage Manager for Experimental Outdoor Mozart Production 

Rehearsal Pianist 

UNICEF (Stanford)

Syrian Refugee Crisis Simulation 2016

Ballroom Dance (Stanford) 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open 2016 

San Jose State 'Spartan' Competition 

Bridging the Gap (Stanford)

President of Gap Year Organisation